Newspapers of Texas City

Texas City has a rich newspaper history that can boast the oldest newspaper, the most newspapers, and at times the only newspaper in print for any Galveston County Mainland community. The first newspaper printed in Texas City was The Coast News debuting in 1895. The Coast News set the precedent for all Texas City newspapers afterwards to focus on the many communities that made up the Galveston County Mainland. The Provost Guard emerged with 10,000 military personnel stationed here with the U.S. Army Camp and First Aero-Squadron in the early 1900s. The Texas City Sun was the longest running newspaper with eighty-eight years of publication. Learn about the history of Texas City Newspapers from the very first paper printed on a hand press to the present-day digital papers by accessing the Moore Memorial Public Library's interactive timeline "Newspapers of Texas City".


Created by Brenda L. Broussard